About us

The Oficina do Ouro (Gold Workshop) is a traditional family company as old as three generations, dedicated to the work of gold and silver and in particular the art of filigree.

The Filigree is the art of working gold and silver through the delicate threads of these materials, finely interwoven and juxtaposed to form works of highly complex formal and aesthetic richness.

Current owners of Oficina do Ouro faced the challenge of continuing this tradition of craftsmanship, creating new models and ways for its adaptation to new trends and tastes, a task they have been dedicated to with passion and that has led them to achieve a well deserved success and recognition by public and by customers, which also resulted in several awards and honors, including mentioning on school manuals.

A Oficina do Ouro offers to the general public not only the precious jewels that are calibrated every day by the skilled hands of its young artisans, but also the opportunity to know the entire process of its manufacturing, through guided tours where you can see all stages of production.

Visit our website, and please also visit our facilities and let us share with you our passion for this genuinely Portuguese art whose roots comes from the traditions of the Minho region!

Oficina do Ouro

Oficina do Ouro
Sobradelo da Gôma . Póvoa de Lanhoso . Portugal
tm: 964 732 741