Company History

To appreciate and understand the origin of the Oficina do Ouro, a company currently owned by Arlindo Monteiro, Luís Monteiro and Manuel Silva, it is necessary to step back in time and show a work and a passion for three different generations.

Created in Sobradelo of Goma, Póvoa de Lanhoso, north of Portugal, by Irmando da Silva, the art of jewelry was then transmitted to all his children, including Aurélio Silva.

Facing a significant success, the need to employ new workers was evident and, to Aurélio, it was impossible at all to give up the help, as if predestined, of their small children.

Taken the taste of filigree, Manuel and Elsa, born in 1978 and 1972 respectively, working in this art from an early age, were used in the daily handling of gold, and Arlindo who started when he was 12 of age, maintained the connection to the jewelry after learning with one of the sons of Irmando. Born and raised together, Arlindo and Elsa would fall in love and joined the great passion for the same art.

For the love of filigree, Luís Monteiro joined is brother Arlindo, also starting at the age of 12.

Arlindo and Elsa got married, and they now work together in the Oficina do Ouro, in search for a better recognition of the beauty of their profession, showing the idea that gold and his art are already flowing in their veins, assuming the true sense of the word passion in the light of their work. They all love of the same art, always trying to innovate the technique they use, through professional courses in schools of art, so thus can improve this art born in the heart of Minho, north of Portugal, and promote their development to meet the needs and modern trends modern.

Oficina do Ouro

Oficina do Ouro
Sobradelo da Gôma . Póvoa de Lanhoso . Portugal
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